Classic Car Shipping

Posted by admin on April 15th, 2012

The decision of whether or not to ship your car can dissolve to the default when speaking of an antique or specialty car.  Driving across the country in some vintage automobile would turn a priceless investment into a bull’s-eye on wheels; no, a fully insured transport is the only way to go when dealing with that special sports or antique car.

And for these special vehicles, it is why to get all the facts.  Work with a company (like Able Auto Transport) that has a long history of successful shipping.  Along with a great company, be sure to have all the insurance coverage you need, up to date and ready to give that extra protection and peace of mind your car and you deserve.  Lastly, consider paying a bit extra for enclosed carrier shipping.  While open carrier shipping is a safe, reliable option, vehicles are open to the elements in this style of shipping: hail, high winds, rain . . . all weather intangibles could affect your car.  Enclosed carrier shipping will basically move your automobile in an indoor setting, shielding it from all the “what if’s” that could keep you awake at night.

Should I use an Auto Transport service? A Risky Question

Posted by admin on April 1st, 2012

Many people consider vehicle transport to be something reserved for racecars or antique automobiles, the top specimens of the auto world.  However, when it is really reasoned, car shipping is a sensible option no matter how common one’s vehicle is.

Able Auto Transport specializes in shipping cars.  Period.  Visit our testimonial page ( to see a wide variety of makes and models represented.  There, whether a vintage sports car, a family SUV, or a mid-level sedan, the commentary is the same: flawless shipping from a company trusted since 1987!

At AAT, we know how important our customers are, and that is why we have high success rate in terms of timely shipping and customer satisfaction.  We know what we can do.  Now, the onus is on you, the potential customer, to make the right decision for your car shipping needs.

Often, a person decides to hire a single driver or attempt to drive their own car across the country.  They do the math and count the savings in their head, but then on the open road, all those perceived benefits fade into the roadside dust.

The fact is, driving an automobile across the country always presents more than one bargains.  When factoring in the food stops, fuel, and overnight stays, the price-tag adds up in a hurry.  And that is just when the expected costs are counted.

A danger in transporting your car independently is, in fact, the danger itself.  Roadside hazards present themselves in the form of every other vehicle out there.  Couple traffic with shifty roadways, debris, bad weather, and fatigue, and the risk becomes glaring for any non-professional driver.  An experienced shipper knows only to work with the top professionals in the industry.

That is why trusting a seasoned car shipper, like AAT, is a sensible, timely option.  A few clicks on a mouse, a touch of paperwork, and within three weeks your car will arrive at its destination having been cared for and handled by a trained and insured professional automobile shipper.

When deciding on whether or not to ship your car professionally, don’t let the make and model of your vehicle be the determining factor.  All cars have value, and that value far outweighs the conjured savings of shipping on your own, even if the trip is flawless.  With so many contributing factors, though, there is a good chance for the unexpected on your journey. And with the unexpected comes unexpected costs.  With AAT and the professional shippers moving your car, all you can expect is a carefree, timely shipping experience.  It’s our promiss.

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